07 September 2010

New iPod Nano !

Probably already know about the presence of new products from Apple Inc..
the new iPod Nano, this time I will post about this.

iPod Nano abru version is totally different from previous versions of
no longer feature "click-wheel" that had been there in the iPod Nano version
previously and as a replacement using the touch screen.

instead of the click-wheel now everything is coated by touch screen
multi-touch that has ukran 1.5 inch screen that covers the entire front.
with multi-touch screen that allows you to change song
and play it.

The new iPod Nano also features an FM radio, shake control
to change the song and Live Pause.

then this iPod mini cuku in size with size 37.5 x 40.9 x 8.78
mm and weighs only 21.1 grams. then issued with 7 color
bright cheerful.

to capacity 8GB memor sold for U.S. $ 149 or approximately
Rp. 1.5 million and for the capacity of 16GB with a price of 1.75 million dollars

and for those of you who want to buy, you have to get used to it with touch screen
multi-touch because not only touching, but also there are ways terte
-of course to perform a function like in the picture above.

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